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Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future,
concentrate your mind on the present moment.
Sitting in stillness, hearts become clear mirrors.
If we awake ourselves to this consciousness,
all things become images before our mirror:
What comes does not remain,
What goes leaves no trace.
Hanshan Deqing
Weihnachtskarte Muijoji 2021
We wish you all a joyous festive season and a happy new year of the tiger - gentle and strong at the same time.
First zazen in the new year: Monday, 10 Jan 2022 at 6:30am.
 Saturday, 22 January 2022, the Taiko and Fuse Ceremony shall take place.

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Opening hours

     Mon–Fri 6.30am
 Sat 10.00am
Tue 7.00-8.00pm
Thu 7.00–8.00pm
 Next zazen introduction: Saturdays, 29 January, 26 February, 26 March, 30 April, 28 May, and 25 June 2022 at 14:00h.
A thousand clouds, ten thousand streams,
Here I live, an idle man,
Roaming green peaks by day,
Back to sleep by cliffs at night.
One by one, springs and autumns go,
Free of heat and dust, my mind.
Sweet to know there’s nothing I need,
Silent as the autumn river’s flood.
Practising zazen in our confused times means returning to the true dimension of being human and finding the underlying balance of your existence once more. 
Taisen Deshimaru
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Keep your mind in equilibrium.
If your mind is in equilibrium, the whole world will be in equilibrium. 

Awakening has no beginning,
Practice is without end.
Kōdō Sawaki

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In memory of Master Guen Yuko Okamoto
In April we received the sad news of the death of Master Yuko Okamoto. He passed away peacefully at his home in Teishoji. With him we lose a true friend on the path, with whom we were able to experience countless unforgettable encounters in Teishoji and in the Zen Dojo Zurich Muijoji. His warm-hearted and sincere support, already experienced by Master Taisen Deshimaru, and later towards the A.Z.I., as well as Meihô Michel Bovay, Eishuku Monika Leibundgut and the Zen Dojo Zurich Muijoji will always remain in our memories. Soon we will upload some photos of the many encounters in Japan and Europe.

The fast stream does not wash away the moon.
The cosmic order is always there.

If we are always arriving and departing, it is also true that we are eternally anchored. One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. 
Henry Miller 


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